Sprint Unlimited that was limited, but is now Unlimited, will soon be limited.

WTF Sprint. I have the unlimited data plan with my Epic 4G phone and I’m getting a bit annoyed with Sprint. When I bought the Samsung Epic 4G, I was expecting a lot. Sprint mandated an Unlimited data plan, and required me to spend an additional $10 per month just to have the ability to connect to Sprint’s “spotty” 4G service. After the sale was made, I found out the “Unlimited data” part of the contract only pertained to data transmitted over the 4G network. There was an asterisk next to the plan detail that limited data over the 3G network to 5GB. So when I saw Sprint advertising “Unlimited data” this past month for their plan without an asterisk it spurred me to go check my plan details. Low and behold there was no longer a notation stating that the 3G traffic was limited to 5GB. OK, finally, I’m getting what I’m paying for.

Fast forward to day where a leaked internal document is making the rounds showing that Sprint will begin capping hot-spot (phone as modem) capabilities to 5GB for new and OLD customers.  This is again a blatant disregard to prior marketing and grounds in my opinion for a bait-and-switch lawsuit. Nevermind the fact that Sprint installs CarrierIQ software on your Android devices giving them the ability to spy on your every key press (and possibly more), in this author’s opinion, this is a blatant disregard to prior agreements with customers and is proof that Sprint is flailing around to make money for their shareholders, customers be damned.

I believe running a rooted ROM with android-wifi tether will not be affected by this new cap, but I am not sure how the cap will be implemented by Sprint. I don’t see how Sprint would be able to differenciate traffic on an Android device network-side so perhaps the cap will be implemented within an update to their hotspot app? How would they enforce that update?

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  1. Mobile hotspot that is 29.95 on top of your unlimited plan. Try reading next time

    • I did read it, and as I stated in my post it was for the PAM add on service. This does not take away from the fact that the PAM software/app utilizes the Data service of the Sprint account, and therefore should be within the rules of the unlimited data plan. The fact that they’re capping this is indirectly capping your data usage. You can’t say unlimited data and then cap it. Furthermore, they’re making this a cap on current customers which is bullshit in and of itself.

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