Wear your hard hat to bed, NASA says satellite likely to hit US early Saturday morning [update]

Space.com reports NASA has changed their estimate for when and where their huge 6.5 ton satellite will land. NASA states that the satellite is falling slower than previously thought and may now break up over the United States late Friday night into early Saturday morning.

According to NASA there is a 1-in-3,200 chance that debris from the falling satellite could hit anyone anywhere in the world, but your chance of being taken out by a piece of the falling debris is about 1-in-several trillion.  The satellite is said to offer a spectacular light show in the sky that should last longer than your average meteor streaking across the sky.

Update: NASA reports that the satellite fell somewhere in the Pacific ocean around 1AM Saturday. No exact location was specified however there were some unconfirmed reports of debris falling in parts of northern Canada. Safe to say however, nobody got taken out by a chunk of Titanium last night.

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