Eureka? Andre Rossi’s “Cold Fusion” e-Cat 1-megawatt plant produces 470kW? [update]

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Andre Rossi is the inventory who helped conceive the “Energy Catalyzer”; a device that Rossi claims can carry out nickel and hydrogen exothermal reactions resulting in clean energy with only the byproduct of copper. The device was demonstrated some time ago to several audiences and scientific journals publishing mostly negative reports on the apparent flaws in the science in testing and in one case calling Rossi’s claims fraudulent.

Today, PESWiki has been tracking Rossi’s scheduled powered up of a 1MW version of his “e-Cat” for demonstration purposes of a so-called unknown potential customer, allowing only a single AP reporter to attend the event. More suspect behavior from an already smeared business man.

No matter, this whole concept intrigued me so I’ve been tracking the progress of this test through twitter and a recent update at 18:06 GMT PESWiki posted the following on their web site:

Q&A just finished; reading of results; 470 kW maintained continuously during self-sustain; customer satisfied; sale made; more later


I’m not sure if  this is a partial test (50% run) or the result of turning the dial to 10, but frankly the world cannot believe this is truly a self-perpetuating power source without good scientific evidence, or at least a chance for outside experts to measure the test. Oh yeah, apparently the engineers running the testing are exempt from interviews, pictures, etc. hmmmm. suspect. Rossi says he’ll unveil the super-secret sauce results at midnight (Assuming GMT, or maybe Greek time?)


PESWiki tweeted a YouTube video with Rossi’s initial intervew on whether e-Cat test is a breakthrough. This is still not much in regard to scientific proof of today’s event.

Looks like the results are in and initial results have been documented here:

e-Cat Test Videos:

Shots of the e-Cat device…

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