Ten Cool Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas 2011

The DailySlack proudly presents our first Top Ten Cool Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas List. We’ve done the research so you can slack off and worry less this year on what to get for your gadget-lover who has everything. Below is our top ten picks for this year’s stand out cool gadgets, now available on the web. Enjoy!

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are falling, the wind picks up and the cool air replaces warm summer days. Stores are offering their annual selection of  cheesy Halloween costumes and Christmas displays are starting to pop up in Targets all around the country. Yup, it’s that time to start thinking about what cool gadgets we want stuffing our stockings this Christmas, and the web surely does not disappoint this year.

The criteria for this year’s cool gadget gifts list was pretty simple. The gifts had to meet a standard of  utility (usefulness), quality (does it look cheap or not), and cost (do I have to sell a kidney) ranked in no particular order. I searched high and low; OK, mostly on Amazon; for gadget terms I thought would be cool and came up with a list I think most gadget lovers will enjoy.

All-in-one creditcard size multi-tool
1. For the Handy-man: The 11 function creditcard-size multi-tool

I’m all for being a handy man, and most of us (and some women) are always up for a challenge to fix something ourselves. A lot of the time we’re away from our toolboxes and need that philips head screwdriver or a utility knife to cut a pesky thread. Now as much as I love my Leatherman Multi-tool, a gadget that I recommend all fix-it-yourself types should have, there are times you just may not have the pocket or belt capacity to carry around the relatively heavy multi-tool. In for the rescue is a very discrete and stow-able replacement. The 11 function creditcard-sized survival multi-tool can provide a quick solution when there’s just no other tool in sight to fix a problem. This thing can slip into your wallet and provide quick fixes with the 4-step wrench, knife edge, screwdriver, can opener, ruler, cap opener, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary wrench, 2-position wrench, and a keychain hole. Not really sure if you’ll get a full cavity search at the air-port with this in your wallet, but at a minimum it will be a conversation piece for those who’ve seen it all.

The Perfect Hamburger Press
2. For the Cook: The Perfect Burger Press

Every man loves to grill hamburgers, it’s a skill that we have all had taught to us by previous generations. What some may not have learned is how to form their meat patties: the right meat, handling, etc (you do use fresh ground chuck for your burgers, right!?) Well this simple gadget will help take the work out of forming the perfect burger. The Perfect Burger Press is a simple but effective tool in helping your form the perfect hamburger patty. What makes this a cool gadget is not only does it prevent your hand-heat from melting the fat while handling the patty, it also includes an adapter to press a centered dimple into the patty! For those who know, burgers expand in size when cooking on the grill. What most don’t know is that you should never smash your patties down with a spatula; that pushes the juices out and creates a dry burger! Well by simply adding a dimple to the center of the patty, the burger will expand but only to a normal, flat width, requiring no spatula smashing! Perfect!

U-Plug USB Power Wall Outlet
 3. Too many gadgets, too few outlets: U-Plug USB 5v + 110v Power Outlet

This gadget saves precious socket space on outlets by removing the need to have multiple, oddly-shaped power adapter for USB-cable-powered gadgets. This replacement outlet contains two USB female-plugs allowing you to ditch the socket portion of your power adapter and simply plug directly into the wall outlet. This is a godsend for those who keep multiple gadgets charging near a computer or some other device that has used up both power outlet sockets.  No longer do you need multiple power strips, messy cord clutter, or bulky adapters. Buy one for every room!

Boogie Board Digital Paperless LCD Notepad
4. For the Office: Boogie Board Digital Paperless LCD Notepad

If you’re like me, you go to a lot of meetings at work. Take a lot of notes. Doodle a lot of cartoons, figures, shapes, squiggles, etc. Truth be told, many a tree have been felled in vain for the countless number of meeting notes. Now I’ve tried Evernote on my HP notebook, Android phone, etc. But there are times where you don’t want to constantly correct a missed keystroke. This is where good ‘ol pen and paper make a return; but wait, there’s got to be a way to digitally store your pen and paper notes aside from the mundane task of scanning them after every meeting (who does that really!?). In comes the Boogie Board by iMPROV Electronics. This 10.5″ digital LED pen and paper replacement is pressure-sensitive so you’ll get different levels of line thickness depending on how hard you press down with the pen-stylus. This device will allow you to sketch out a drawing or quickly jot down a to-do list without killing another tree in the process.

Hovering Wine Bottle Holder

Chain Hovering Wine Bottle Holder5. For Conversation: Chain/Hovering Wine Bottle Holder

The visual effect is what is cool about this little gadget. The welded chain link bottle holder managers to hold a typical bottle of wine in place and give the appearance that the wine bottle is being kept weighted down from flying away. If anything, this should definitely be able to start a conversation for those who have trouble thinking of something to say at the wine-mixer party.

Mitsubishi DLP 3d TV 92-inch
6. For the Videophile: Massive 92-inch DLP 3D TV

If you’re a movie-fanatic like me, you’re probably salivating at the idea of having a 92-inch TV at a fairly affordable price. Other options like the 85-inch plasma from Panasonic are available, but at $15k you likely have to sell a kidney to afford it. DLP TV’s offer good quality and massive size for a lower price-point  than any LCD or plasma TV in the “massive” size genre. Look to upgrade your home theater to this massive 92-inch Mitsubishi DLP 3D TV and blow your friends away when they see a life-size rendition of Avatar. If you’re not able to get that through the doorway, perhaps a smaller 82-inch model will suffice.

7. For on the go: Android Smart Phone

If you live under a rock you probably don’t have a smart phone, but this Christmas will be the year to get one as new more powerful phones are starting to be announced. The iPhone 4S following on the heels of The Samsung Galaxy II / Epic Touch and Motorola Bionic are all coming standard with dual-core processors and plenty of RAM to handle most processing tasks.  If you’re in the market to upgrade your phone now you might want to consider waiting until after November when new powerful phones from Samsung and Motorola are slated to be released. Both the Samsung Nexus Prime and Motorola RAZR are both going to be must-haves for mobile phone users this Christmas. None of these phones are cheap, but mobile devices are the future of computing and a great addition to any stocking this year.

X-mini Portable Capsule Speaker
8. For the Audiophile: X-Mini II Portable Capsule Speaker

You’ll be amazed when you actually hear the sound that emanates from this tiny pocket-sized speaker. The X-mini speaker hooks up to any portable device with a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack. The speaker expands to allow for deep bass sound from the tiny tweeter-sized speaker profile. The best part about these things is they can be daisy-chained to provide even more sound! We had one hooked up to a smart-phone outside at a picnic and it provided the tunes at an acceptable sound level. The batteries are USB-chargeable and last about 11 hours.

9. For The Disorganized: GRID-IT Gadget Organizer

For those who travel a lot or want to carry their netbook around town Cocoon has made a wide assortment of affordable GRID-IT organizers and carrying cases. I’ve been using my organizer for some time now and love the elastic GRID-IT organizer. The variety of elastic bands let me secure anything from power adapters, pens, or thumb-drives in my carry pouch without worrying about them falling out when unzipped. Small, compact, and affordable, these assortment of carry-all organizers are a must for the gadget-head who has to have their gadgets organized and secure.

AeroGarden Elite Hydroponics
10. For the GreenThumb: An Aerogarden Indoor Garden

Wouldn’t it be great to save a few bucks at the grocery store and grow your own food, but have that tiny little problem like: You live in a high-rise, desert, no yard, or deal with a pesky season called winter?  Well, the folks at AeroGarden came up with a solution that allows you to grow plants of any type year round using their Aeroponics technique (a gardening technology in which plants grow in water, nutrients and air, not dirt) and the AeroGarden family of indoor grow systems. You can grow anything from herbs to full size tomato plants depending on the system chosen.  The AeroGarden Extra allows you to grow the big stuff but if you’re looking to start small the AeroGarden classic Elite is the way to go. If you’re looking for something for the desk, the Windowbox brand grow light may do the trick.

The Real TRON Light-Cycle Motorcycle11. For Those With Everything: A full-size working TRON Light-Cycle

OK, I lied when I said all of these gadgets were going to be practical and only amount to ten on the list, but I just had to add the TRON Light-Cycle to the list after seeing it on sale for a mere $55,000 US. Housing a 996cc Suzuki engine, this light-cycle is designed for casual cruising and slow ride-bys at bike shows. Electro-luminescent strips built into the tire cowlings light up providing a sweet-ass light show. This is truly for the major geek who has it all.

So there you have it folks. A quick top ten list of cool gadget gifts that I hope will get your started in the right direction for thinking of gifts for this Christmas season. If you have a cool gadget idea feel free to include it in the comments below. I look forward to seeing what other gadget gifts you come across in your web-surfing travels.

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