Top 10 Stupid Gadgets For Sale

In the quest of the ultimate geek items, The Daily Slack staff frequently searches fairly well known sites of geeky and uber techy items. Sites like ThinkGeek and This is why I’m broke are a few examples of this kind of outlet. While scanning these sites it recently became obvious that some of these items are just absolutely the dumbest shit we’ve seen; worthless and utterly useless. We thought we’d share a top 10 stupid gadgets list of some of these products with you.

Nintendo Gameboy dress : The girl in the dress is cute, but this dress doesn’t really push our buttons! Although it’s cool to reminisce from time to time, no self-respecting woman would wear this ridiculous dress outside of the house. I suspect maybe for Halloween, but then what women want’s to attract a nerd heard of  D&D playing dorks at the local Halloween party? The girl who buys this dress apparently.

Inflatable floating Shark : This radio control flying shark is basically a refillable helium blimp, in the shape of a shark. Most kids let go of their balloons in less than 2 hours, are you really going to go to the party store to constantly refill this thing? Just wait until little Timmy floats this thing into an open flame. Now That’ll be entertaining!


Vampire Hunting Kit : Buffy, is that you? Taking into consideration that this might be a collectible for vampire loving movie fans, this kit reeks of outright waste of money. Obviously if you really wanted something like this, you could just make it yourself.


Magazine Cover Pillowcase : Unless you are one of those people who has mirrors on your ceiling, you’re never going to see yourself on a magazine cover. Chances are, if you own these, neither will anyone else.


The Beer Belly : Most people would be wanting to rid themselves of the extra abdominal pounds referred to as the beer gut. This however, is a product that seems to not only give you the look, but is a drink container. Fill it with beer, and eventually you’ll no longer need this thing to fill out your shirt!

Giant Swiss Army Knife : Quite frankly one of the dumbest ideas we’ve seen for some time. Not only will you be unable to use this completely impractical Frankenstein pocketknife, at $900, it’s the biggest waste of money on our top ten list.


Switchblade Pocket Comb: Just can’t believe these things are still around. And it’s marketed as a “Folding Greaser Comb”, Greasers still exist? Poor Ponyboy…



Handerpants : Just don’t think there’s a comment for this one at all, other than its utter uselessness.


Slide to Unlock Doormat : This product would make up for itself it we were to happen upon some actually trying to slide it to unlock the door!


Bear Paw Meat Forks : Sometimes you just want to paw at your food? Putting your hands over open flames to paw at your steaks just to feel like some sort of Wolverine-clawed man-bear-pig seems like a lose lose scenario for us. I see many a steak falling to the ground and several 911 calls occuring thereafter.

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