Americans Unite against SOPA+PIPA

Hands United

One thing you can bet on; Americans, both liberal and conservative, love their Internet just the way it is.  Yesterday’s Internet protest against SOPA and PIPA showed just the tip of the iceberg for a growing discontent with law makers from both conservative and liberal political spectra. From the tea-party conservatives, these two proposed laws were an attack on business and free speech. From the liberals, these bills represented the epitome of corporate elites wielding their power over congress through  lobbyist backroom deals. No mater which political affiliation you may subscribe to, it is quite apparent that all Americans do not want nor need additional laws and regulations that could cause harm to or restrict free-flow of information within the Internet. I haven’t seen this much common ground since 9/11 when we all agreed on the need to blow away the Taliban. Let’s continue this cooperation among the digitally intelligent and Interweb savvy. God bless America, and down with SOPA+PIPA!

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Rob is an avid blogger and concerned citizen of the United States. Aside writing for The Daily Slack, Rob enjoys composing music, wrenching on his collection of fast cars, hiking, cooking, shooting, and studying the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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