SOPA PIPA Strike Today

SOPA On Strike

The web was a little quieter this morning as thousands of websites went offline in protest of the pending SOPA and PIPA legislation in the U.S. Congress. We here at are also protesting these two bills that are likely going to be voted on this coming session. We urge all readers to contact their congressmen and senators to let them know that these bills are an overstep of the federal governments mandate.

Some websites protested subtly with changes to their website content. Google blanked out the Google logo on their home page today. Many websites such as Wikipedia went as far as completely shutting off their services for the day. Time will tell if congress hears the peoples voice and kills these bills before they reach the floor for votes. This is truly the first step toward communist-China-style censorship of Americans.

If you would like to learn more about the pending SOPA and PIPA bills, visit

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