Exciting new feature coming to Ubuntu

Some pretty cool new features are being integrated into the next release of Ubuntu. The one feature getting the most excitement from the community is what is collectively known as Web App Integration. This allows web apps such as G-mail, Google+ and others to be integrated directly into the Ubuntu desktop just in a way similar to a regular software program. This means that the menu bar will give you options for that app. Not only that, but things like the sound menu, messaging menu and more will also feature access to the supported app.

For instance, when you have your G-mail account open, the messaging menu will now allow you to compose a new email as well as show you when you receive a new email. If you have Facebook open, the messaging menu will alert you to new notifications you receive. Listening to online streaming radio will place controls in your sound menu, allowing you to pause, skip and see information about what is currently playing.

Even with this integration giving more control and usability to your desktop, the changes are still optional. It is up to the user whether or not to take advantage of these features and is not something that is being forced upon those who may not want it.

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