Travel the World with Google’s World Wonders Project

Some of us wont ever have the time or finances to travel the world, see Stonehenge, visit Tokyo, or take a walk out in the brisk air of Antarctica.
Enter Google’s World Wonders Project which uses Google Maps StreetView technology to take panoramic tours of some of the world’s wonders without
leaving the comfort of your own couch.

Partnered with UNESCO, the World Monuments Fund, and Cyark, Google’s World Wonders Project provides tourists and virtual explorers a list
of world heritage sites of the modern and ancient world broken down by geographical location or by theme. So far Google has managed to capture
many of the common and not so common sites we’ve only read about or have seen on TV.

Google has also opened the website to allow visitors of these sites to contribute their own pictures using other Google technologies such as Panoramio, YouTube, Google Earth, and SketchUp.

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