Unable to find an AR-15 30-round magazine? Just PRINT One!

3D printed AR-15 Magazine

With the aftermath of the Sandy hook school massacre causing mass purchases of pretty much anything sold at a gun store, it’s no surprise that 30-round magazines are hard to find in stock on shelves around the country. The ones that are available are now being sold on auction sites for 10 times the amount they were selling for before the school shooting. So what is one to do if they cannot find a magazine, or God forbid, the government bans the sale of these magazines? Simply print one on a 3D printer! It appears the folks at defcad.org have been pretty busy working with 3D printer CAD files for not only 30 round AR-15 magazines, but also AR-15 lower receivers as well. The later could be a bit questionable since the lower is the regulated part of the AR-15 rifle, but being able to manufacture your own magazines is intriguing.  The CAD files are provided for download and allow you to have your 3D printer build the three main components of the magazine sans spring. If you have access to a 3D printer (you lucky s.o.b.) and have pulled your hair out trying to find affordable AR-15 magazines, building your own might be a great solution! Check out the video below for a demonstration!


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4 Comments on "Unable to find an AR-15 30-round magazine? Just PRINT One!"

  1. This bad ass

  2. This could be my salvation. I don’t know about those lowers, they seem like they wouldn’t hold up, and it appears they don’t. They need a stronger polymer plastic.

  3. Yeah man they gonna have all kinds of issues with the law.

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