U.N. admits Sun has more to do with Global Warming

Sun in atmosphere
Solar forcing may have more impact on global warming

It’s obvious that weather station temperatures have been progressively increasing over the last few decades but the amount of those increases caused by man-made gasses has been a hot debate. The lead research group by the U.N. has been quick to point the finger at these man-made gasses as the primary cause of global warming but it seems they may be changing their tune.

A recently leaked draft of the the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that the U.N. is now stating that solar radiation may play a larger role than previously thought, what the report calls “solar forcing”.

Alec Rawls, who runs the website stopgreensuicide.com, has posted a leaked second draft of the upcoming U.N. IPCC report on climate change, within which new additions are made that the sun may have impact on global warming.

The final draft of AR5 WG1 is not scheduled to be released for another year but the public needs to know now how the main premises and conclusions of the IPCC story line have been undercut by the IPCC itself.

Because the IPCC report is written by several authors, there are contradictions within the report itself that often ignore solar heating causality, but in other sections (specifically Chapter 11) bring to light that the sun does have some impact on global warming.

Dozens of studies have found between a .4 and .7 degree of correlation between solar activity and various climate indices, suggesting that solar activity “explains” in the statistical sense something like half of all past temperature change, very little of which could be explained by the very slight variation in TSI…the Chapter 7 team is now being explicit about what this evidence means: that some mechanism of enhanced solar forcing must be at work.

However, even as the U.N. makes note in this draft of extensive evidence of solar forcing, they still make no attempt to include this data in their predictive models of future warming trends.

Is this leak more evidence of bias within the IPCC or is it just another minor footnote in the overall argument that man is the primary cause of all global warming?

Source: http://www.stopgreensuicide.com/



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