Meanwhile In Russia, Best Dash Cam Videos

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It seems like Russians have a love affair with dash cams because the best in-car action videos these days are coming out of Russia. The question most people wonder is why so many dash cams?

Usually something that is only found in police cars in most countries, more Russians are mounting dash cams because corruption is rife in their country.

Dashboard cameras serve to protect drivers from insurance fraud and police corruption. Russian car insurance is a lot harder to come by for older vehicles than it is in America, so Russians have to resort to covering their butts any way they can. There is no refuting video evidence.

That being said, more and more drivers are putting cameras in their cars because they know eventually they’ll record something spectacular. Let’s just say, Russian roads are loaded with insane drivers. Check out some of the evidence captured below:

Russian Police

Dashboard cameras serve to protect drivers from insurance fraud and police corruption

To be fair, the Russians I’ve met in my life have been some of the nicest, even-keeled people. They drove like old grandmas.

Even in America, it is not a bad idea to have a dash cam in your car as it gives you additional evidence in case of an accident. Dash cams vary from the cheap $20 cameras to thousand dollar units. Opinions vary on what is a “best dash cam” rating and level of capabilities, but you should find a camera that records at least 720p resolution, stores to an SD card, can run on battery power if need be, and most importantly has decent night-time filming capabilities.

Check out some of the Dash Cams available at Amazon. Just remember, as with most things, you usually get what you pay for.

But wait, there’s more!

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