Back in the USSR!

Russia, Crimea

Well the Ukraine isn’t back in the USSR but Crimea might soon be, if Russia has anything to say about it. We’re sure you’re up on most of the news thus far with this situation, but it seems that there’s another familiar tactic being employed by the former political center of the Soviet Union, economics. Apparently, Russia is the major or perhaps only supplier of natural gas to the Ukraine, and they just upped the cost… Sharply. Natural gas, which is measured by cubic meters and priced per 1000 units, just received a staggering 43% price hike for the Ukraine.

On the Military side of things, Russia reportedly announced that they were recalling some troops from the Ukraine border area, but the NATO Secretary General has stated that as of yet, they see no signs of withdraw from the area. The Russian annexation of Crimea has caused the world community, through the representation of NATO, to suspend all cooperation with the Russian government. It was also announced that support and cooperation with the Ukraine would intensify.

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