Putin’s War

In 2008, amid the Fannie and Freddie meltdown, Russia plotted to cause U.S. market instability by attempting to team-up with China and sell all their bond investments with these two faltering GFEs. The plan failed and was glimpse into Putin’s end game.

With Russia outmaneuvering the United States over and over again (Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, and Syria) it is no surprise (due to a complete lack of understanding about geo-politics from the current U.S. administration) that once again the United States finds itself being bumped out of the way in the middle east by it’s old cold war adversary.

The liberal mindset of talking out problems and trying to understand an adversary has led the U.S. to a point of impotence where all they can do is watch as their plans at overthrowing every country they deemed undemocratic in the middle-east disintegrates completely. Obama openly admits to trying out ideas and watching them fail rather than thoroughly taking decisive and well executed action.

Obama and his allies have set the stage and provided the opportunity for Putin to escalate the conflict in the middle-east under the guise of saving the day and eliminating the Islamic State. Sept 28, 2015 at his U.N. speech, Putin asked the U.S. ‘’Do you realize now what you have done?” Referring to the power vacuum the U.S. created by being directly involved in the destabilization of Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Putin can now piously wag his finger and stand upon the global soap box to show the world the United States does more harm than good. It almost seems too scripted if it weren’t for the fact the U.S. has been run by the “J.V. squad” of liberal-progressive know-nothings for practically a decade.


Russian Armored Personnel Carriers in desert camo spotted in southern port of Novorossiysk October 5th.

Russian Armored Personnel Carriers in desert camo spotted in southern port of Novorossiysk October 5th.

The potential for setting off a global war is relatively slim but greater wars have been started by smaller events than those that have unfolded in Syria over the last few years. With global sanctions enforced upon him by the United States and the price manipulation of oil by the Saudis, Putin has brought his queen out onto the global chess board. The “green men” who showed up in Crimea. The standing army that showed up in eastern Ukraine. It’s a bit difficult to hide or deny air missions in Syria but no doubt Putin will have his 150,000 newly conscripted soldiers showing up on the shores of Syria fairly soon all the while denying they exist.

When Russian boots hit the ground in Syria and Iran sends it’s regular army into Iraq to form a pincer move on the Islamic State, expect the United States and Saudi Arabia to freak the fuck out because these are a means to an end. Russia wants to help Assad completely eliminate the opposition in Syria but also wants to send a clear message to the oil-price-fixing Saudis that Russia and Iranian militaries are just a camel-spit north of their border.

Regional War

Assuming all goes according to Putin’s plan and ISIS is driven back into the deserts of Saudi Arabia one could hypothesize that the IS route would be pursued by attacking Russian and Iranian forces. This brings Saudi Arabia and it’s allies into a regional conflict since the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia will likely be ignored. Putin will then have occupational forces providing “security” to the oil fields of Iraq and Saudi Arabia and have the muscle to bend the Saudis to their will.

A scenario where the U.S. enters into a shooting war with Russia is very unlikely. Both sides do not want to risk a DEFCON 1 global meltdown. That is why we’ve been at war via proxy armies in the past and will continue to be at war via proxies in the near term. The unfortunate part for the U.S. will be that the petro-dollar will begin to collapse and our economy will be destroyed by skyrocketing inflation. Obama could grow a pair and slide 60,000 troops into Iraq to pre-empt any sort of maneuvering from Iran or Russia. This is actually in my opinion the most likely scenario if the U.S. stock market tanks in the near term since there’s no better way to jump-start a fake recovery than to invoke the great might of United States military industrial complex.

The Aftermath – End Game

The simplest solution is usually the most plausible and for that I go back full circle to where we started at the beginning of this post. Putin does not like a bully and sees the United States as the schoolyard bully of the world. He’s had his arm twisted behind his back on more than one occasion and is now finding an opportunity to elevate his own position due to the mess the U.S. has made of the middle-east. When the dust settles I’d expect calls for a new world currency and order to be made by Russia and Iran among other states. A new order where the U.S. is no longer a dominant voice. With former allies of the European Union in a weakened state due to the fallout of a U.S. depression, all countries will fall into lock step with this new world order concept. Putin’s war would be complete, the bully vanquished and his nation raised up as the new voice of reason.

Then again, I could be way off.

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