Getting Started with Linux

Looking to get started with Linux, but aren’t sure where to begin? I’ve found that pretty much everyone answers this question differently, with some exception. Everyone has their favorite Linux distribution or “distro”, but not all of those are geared towards someone who is just starting out on their Linux adventure. In the past few years, if you ask a Linux user where you should start as a newbie, what is the best beginner distro, you’ll probably hear Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is built from another distribution called Debian. Debian is a well known and very stable operating system that has been around for a very long time and has a strong following and a lot of support from its community. Ubuntu has a very strong community as well, but is also backed and commercially sponsored by Canonical Ltd. which serves to bring together a strong group of partners and support.

All of these things lead to Ubuntu being a very stable, easy to use Linux distro that is perfect for the beginner or even more experienced computer user who is looking to explore Linux. The installation is simple and guided and comes preconfigured with many popular software packages to make the “out-of-the-box” experience one that requires very little additions. Music player, CD burning, web surfing and even office software for documents, spreadsheets and presentations are all already installed when you log in for the first time. Ubuntu also has a Software Center which makes searching for and installing new software programs simple. Whether it be games or education, graphics or science software, the software center helps you find it and lets you install it with one click.

Combining all of these things together makes Ubuntu Linux a perfect choice for the new Linux user. There’s only one other thing that makes starting your Linux journey a little easier, the cost, Linux and most of the software for it is completely free.

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