Ubuntu 12.04

Word around the Internet is that the long awaited LTS (Long Term Support) Ubuntu release 12.04 Precise Pangolin is being released to the public tomorrow, 26 April. The two year cycle of LTS releases ensures a good deal of stability work and advancement make it into the system. Many people, such as myself, follow along with the 6-month release schedule upgrading along the way; but enterprise users may well still be on 10.04LTS and will be in for a larger amount of changes.

Unity comes to mind as the biggest one, for users using any version of Ubuntu prior to 11.04, Gnome 2 or Gnome 3 will be the GUI they’re used to. The new and improved Software Center, the place to find and install software is also quite different and basically replaces the synaptic package manager that many would be used to. Other changes will be more subtle or unnoticed, such as the return of Rhythmbox as the default music player and an updated version of LibreOffice.

I checked out the 12.04 beta and it certainly gave me no issues when installed on a slightly older machine. The fact that it’s an LTS release makes me think I’d be confident to do the upgrade sooner than later on my current systems and even my server. In the past I’ve waited up to a month to upgrade. We’ll see what tomorrow brings and whether a swarm of up-graders slows things down for the mirror sites!

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