The pump heard round the world

The Internet blew up recently as thousands of Oregon residents react to a new law that ‘allows’ its citizens to pump their own gas. I remember the first time I visited New Jersey and couldn’t…

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The Snowden Bump, is a real thing.

Since Edward Snowden joined twitter, his power to drive traffic (read interest) is apparently unparalleled. It is being speculated whether or not he is currently the most powerful person on twitter! His tweets which often…

The Internet Wins!!

We’re not sure if you’ve been following the battle for Net Neutrality lately, though if you use Firefox Web Browser you’ve undoubtedly seen popups and maybe even received an email alerting you to the issue….

WAR! for the first time in… ooh wait

Chances are, if you are under the age of 80, you have never experienced a period of peace. Alternately if you are under the age of 25, you probably didn’t know we were ever at…